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God has given us the privilege of serving him in the home town of Jesus. Through faithful servants along the years, NBS today has an excellent reputation and is impacting lives for Jesus in a strategic location. Graduates of the school play a key role in the market place and serve as a moderate factor in the Arab and Israeli community as a whole. Furthermore, NBS reaches out to hundreds of families from different backgrounds through its 1000 students and more than 3000 graduates scattered all around the world.

NBS is the only Evangelical school in the Israeli system. The gospel is preached for the whole student body, and every student has the chance to hear the message of the love of God for him manifested at the cross many times. It is a unique opportunity possible in the town of Jesus.

Southern Baptists started the school and supported it for many years, but around 20 years ago stopped doing so. The school is run now by a local Evangelical board. After all these years, NBS now suffers from the worst facilities among all schools in Nazareth and needs very badly to relocate in order not to jeopardize its vital mission. To this end, the NBS board has been working tirelessly in order to identify a lot for the future campus of NBS.

Please pray for NBS and think about ways you can help us to maintain the witness of NBS for Christ in a suitable location.

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