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NBS Graduate Wins International Contest

NBS graduate 2004, Rozan Kubti, along with her partner Samir Hakim (also from Nazareth) won first prize in a competition for Innovation in Architecture and Sustainable Housing that took place in Bologna, Italy.

Newly graduated from the Technion’s Architecture and Urban Planning division, their final project beat out 200 other projects submitted by both experienced architects and architecture students from 30 different countries.

Their project, which proposed a new master plan that deals with the open space between Nazareth and Nazareth Elite in the form of a convention center with a new train station and hotels surrounding it, won first place due to their detailed design of the parking area and use of modern concrete technology.

In an interview for a national newspaper Haaretz, Rozan Kubti was quoted as saying, “The purpose of our project was to create a connection between the two cities, which are at the moment hesitant to touch each other. We chose to design a convention center because it’s a neutral place that both sides can gain from. In our opinion, there is great potential to mend the rift between Nazareth and Nazareth Elite. We think that this is a place that can draw many people and make the metropolis of Nazareth more central.”

Kubti and her partner plan to present their project to the mayors of Nazareth and Nazareth Illit, hoping it will be realized.


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