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Samar Samawi

In mid-July, the “Back to Jerusalem” outreach campaign, which involves all Evangelical churches in the country, was concluded. This campaign is led by Campus Crusade for Christ and initiated by Rajai and Samar Samawi.

Samar Samawi is an NBS graduate. She came to know Christ while a student at NBS through revival meetings in the 6th grade. She graduated from NBS with honors in 1989, then completed a B.SC in Food Engineering at the prestigious Technion University in Haifa and later a Masters in Public Health at Clark University's (located in Boston) extension in Israel. During her studies, she was active in the Fellowship of Christian Students in Israel. After graduation, she worked for 6 years as a Food Engineer for the Israeli Ministry of Health. She was also on the leading team of the Local Baptist Church in Nazareth and coordinated its Sunday school ministry. After she married Rajai Samawi, a member of the staff for Campus Crusade for Christ in Amman, she also joined this ministry there. In 2004 the couple moved to Israel and joined the leadership team of Campus Crusade for Christ  in Israel. In 2006, Samar and Rajai also started a church in Nazareth Illit while continuing their work with Campus Crusade.

Campus Crusade has been instrumental in leading many outreach efforts in Israel. The Lord has used Samar and Rajai in these efforts as part of the leadership team. The couple have a daughter, Farah, who has just finished the 1st grade at NBS. You can read more about the “Back to Jerusalem” outreach campaign on their web site:

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