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The History of the Nazareth Baptist School 1935-today

The Nazareth Baptist School (NBS) was established as a primary school in 1937 by Rev. Hanna Beshoti, pastor of the Baptist Church in Nazareth and supported by the Southern Baptist Mission in the United States. Among the teachers at that time were Yousef Cobti and Nasser Diyab. When the Second World War erupted, the school was closed and the keys to the school were handed over to Mr. Yousef Cobti, in the hope that the war would end soon and the school could be reopened. This hope was realized when it was reopened by the Baptist Convention in Israel after the end of the war and the establishment of the state of Israel in 1949. Through the years, several Baptist Americans served in the school as General Directors, including Dr. Dwight Baker, Paul Rowden, James Smith, Milton Murphy, Herman Petty, Ray Hicks, Floyde Anderson, Dale Thorne and Gene Eller. Fuad Haddad, a local Nazarene, took on the position of Principal and General Director in 1991 until 1998 when Dr. Ousama Moalem replaced him and continues to serve until today.

Mr. Fuad Haddad served as General Director 1998-2004 when Mr.Botrus Mansour replaced him.

In light of a reform by the Ministry of Education, the High school and Primary school had to be divided and each to have its own principal.Mrs.Anne Haddad was appointed in 2016 as Principal of Primary School with Mrs. Elizabeth Shehadeh as her deputy Dr.Moalem became the high school principal.

Fuad Haddad

Fuad Haddad has been with the Nazareth Baptist School since its early years. �Ustaz Fuad,� as he is respectfully called by students and staff, began working at NBS as a teacher in 1953. Since that time he has given over 55 years of his life, in various capacities, to the work and ministry of the school.

In 1960 the school moved from a rented building to its current premises, at which time Mr. Haddad was appointed Principal of the Primary school. In 1963, he completed his Bachelor�s Degree in English and General History from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Due to the merging of both the Primary and Secondary school into one location, the decision was made to have one administrative staff, composed of a General Director, Principal and Vice-Principal. From then on - until 1990, Haddad served as Vice-Principal, alongside Principal Emile Nusair and a number of American General Directors.

During the years of 1972-1974, Haddad completed his studies for a Masters Degree in English Literature from Haifa University and was granted his degree in 1975. At the end of 1990, Mr. Emile Nusair retired and Haddad succeeded him as Principal. He remained in that position until 1998, when Dr. Ousama Moalem succeeded him. Fuad Haddad officially retired from full-time administration in 1998, but served as General Director of the school until 2004. Haddad�s wife, Abla, served as a primary teacher for 35 years at NBS.

During the past 50 years, Ustaz Fuad Haddad has maintained a clear vision for the Nazareth Baptist School and has worked tirelessly to develop it in many aspects � academic, spiritual, social, and physical. During his tenure, Haddad raised funds for various school labs and oversaw their construction and expansion. His vision for the future is that NBS will build a new school building, and that the school will continue to develop in all areas. He hopes that the school will remain at the forefront for producing mature graduates who make a contribution to their community, their country and the world.

Emile Nusair

Over the years, Emile Nusair has played a key role in the life of NBS and in the community of Nazareth. He gave 48 years of his life to the school and was vital in its development.

Nusair was born in Nazareth in 1926 and did his primary studies and part of his secondary school studies in Nazareth. In 1944 he completed his secondary studies in Jerusalem and received a certificate to continue his Palestinian high education. In September of the same year, he started to work as a teacher in a municipal secondary school in Nazareth and received his teacher�s certificate. In the summer of 1947, he obtained his teacher�s certification in physics.

After the establishment of the state of Israel, Nusair continued teaching in Nazareth and worked also as the YMCA secretary in Nazareth. In September 1954, he moved to Jerusalem to pursue his studies at Hebrew University, and after three years obtained a Bachelor�s Degree in Education and Sociology. He returned to the municipality school in Nazareth where he worked for one year as a teacher and Vice-Principal.

In September 1958, Nusair began work as Principal of the Nazareth Baptist School. He was the first local to succeed the American principals who had worked in the school since its inception. During his tenure, he studied English and Hebrew at Haifa University and finished a Bachelor�s Degree in Hebrew Literature, obtaining a license to teach Hebrew. He retired from his role as Principal in the summer of 1991.

After his official retirement, Nusair continued to work part-time at the school in a variety of capacities; his main responsibility being to coordinate the matriculation exams. Nusair�s wife, Su�ad Amin Jarjoura Nusair, worked for years as a teacher in public schools and also at NBS. They have two son and two daughters, and their daughter, Abir, taught Arabic at NBS. Nusair�s contributions have been felt in many areas - both in Nazareth and in the whole country in different organizations. Ustaz Emile Nusair passed away on the 25th of May 2006 after 48 years of service in NBS. The school�s administration building was given his name in gratitude for his service and to keep his memory alive.

From left to right:the late Emile Nusair,the late Elia Khouri,Suhail Rizik,Fuad Haddad and Naseeb Oudeh
From left to right:the late Emile Nusair,the late Elia Khouri,Suhail Rizik,Fuad Haddad and Naseeb Oudeh
NBS in the late 40s
NBS in the late 40s
From left to right: NBS General directors:Botrus Mansour,Fuad Haddad,Gene Eller,Dale Thorne
From left to right: NBS General directors:Botrus Mansour,Fuad Haddad,Gene Eller,Dale Thorne
The late Emile Nusair
The late Emile Nusair
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