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56th graduation ceremony

NBS holds its 56th graduation ceremony on the 5th of June in Dauod Hall in Nazareth Illit.
The graduation class had 94 students-the largest in NBS history.
More than 800 people attended the ceremony.
Rev. Azar Ajaj from the Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary opened the meeting with a word of prayer.
General director Botrus Mansour shared in his speech about the fact that despite the high achievements and the reasonable financial situation in the Arab community there are big challenges like violence and dissolving of families.
He added that NBS is fighting that through encouraging students to have a relationship with the creator as well as a spirit of giving and helping man kind.
Deputy mayor Ali Sallam as well as principal Dr. Ousama Moalem gave speeches too.

A group of teachers and students sang "Father God I wonder how I managed to exist without the knowledge of your fatherhood ".
The program included other songs as well as a film from students from the communication section.
Chemistry teachers of NBS were honored for the outstanding achievment of 3rd place among schools in Israel in percentage of Excellent students in Chemistry.

Students and parents expressed joy at this happy occasion.












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