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YMCA board honor Fuad Haddad

The Nazareth YMCA Board gave tribute to Mr. Fuad Haddad in a special celebration on Sunday, the 14th of December 2008, for his service as YMCA Chairman of the Board for 21 years. The Mayor of Nazareth - Mr. Ramez Jaraisi, His Excellency Roman Catholic Bishop -Paul Marcottzo, and YMCA Board member and accountant - Nimir Nasser spoke about Mr. Haddad’s dedication and servanthood over the years. Mr. Haddad then thanked all guests for this special gesture.

It is worth noting that Mr. Haddad ,or as all love to call him - ”Ustaz  (teacher) Fuad” - served in our school for about 55 years as a teacher, Vice-Headmaster, Headmaster and then General Director. Since 2004 he has served as Chairman of the NBS Board.
















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