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First Conference for believing Christian Teachers Draws Over 50 Attendees

The first conference for Christian believing teachers, both Evangelical Arabs , Messianic Jews and ex-pats serving in Israel, was held on Sunday September 12th in Tel Aviv, with more than 50 participants. The participants were from different schools such as the Nazareth Baptist School, the Anglican School in Jerusalem, Tabitha School in Jaffa, Makor Hatikva Messianic School in Jerusalem, and others.

The program included a time of worship and a lecture from Azeez Daeem, principal of the St. John School in Haifa, on the mechanisms of the believing teacherís work. This was followed with a lecture by Rachel Friedman from Tabitha International School about pluralism and tolerance in a Christian and Messianic school.

Botrus Mansour, the general director of Nazareth Baptist School held a discussion on the needs of teachers that can be addressed in future programs. Later the attendees were divided into groups according to the topics of education, disciplines and grade levels to discuss specific aspects of their areas.

This conference is the first of its kind conducted by the Israel Educational Forum, which is headed by Board Chairman Dr. Erez Soref of Israel College of the Bible, executive director is John Woodhead. Rev. Dr. Hanna Katanacho and Botrus Mansour sit on the board in addition to several Messianic leaders.









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