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Baptist World Alliance President visits Nazareth Baptist School

Rev. Dr. David Coffey, President of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), visited NBS on Monday, the 24th of September as part of his visit to the country.

President Coffey visited the facilities, met administration and teachers, and shared in chapel for grades 4-6 and 11th grade (Physics major). He urged the students to put their lives in the hands of the Lord, which will provide the strength needed to love God from all our being and to love our neighbor. He emphasized that scientic excellence will have great value, especially when immersed with the love of God and of others.

President Coffey, who was accompanied by Rev. Ben Marlow from England, commended the school staff for their hard work and the achievements of NBS. He encouraged the school administration to keep on with their mission despite all difficulties and challenges.

This visit comes as part of a tour that President Coffey is taking in the Middle East. Last week he met with the Head of Lebanese Parliament, Nabeh Berri, along with Lebanese Baptists, and earlier this week with King Abdallah of Jordan and Jordanian Baptists. He also met with Shimon Peres, the Israeli President, on Tuesday, the 25th of September, with a delegation from the Association of Baptist Churches in Israel and Accountant Ehab Ilimi as representative of the Nazareth Baptist school Board.

While in Nazareth, he also dedicated the Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS), located in the old Baptist House in the American neighborhood in Nazareth.

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