Nazareth Baptist School

Meeting with Anne Graham Lotz

NBS General Director Botrus Mansour and Educational counselor Abir Mansour spent the morning today in Nazareth Village with evangelist Mrs. Anne Graham Lotz and her group of 80 people.

The meeting that was held in the synagogue in Nazareth Village started with Mrs. Graham Lotz sharing a message from Luke 4 about Jesus’ ministry of reaching the lost. She then introduced Mr. Mansour who shared with the group his testimony, about NBS and about the Arab Christian plight.

The two speeches were filmed for the Inspirational Network.

Mr. Mansour presented Mrs. Graham Lotz with his book and souvenirs from NBS as well as copy of a letter Rev. Dr. Billy Graham (Anne’s father) sent in April 1960 to the late Mr. Yousef Cobti (who served as teacher in NBS for several decades) to thank him for translating his sermon to Arabic few days earlier.

Mrs. Graham Lotz presented to Mr. and Mrs. Mansour her devotional book “Fixing my eyes on Jesus”.

Upon Mrs.Graham Lotz’s invitation, the Mansours joined the group for lunch.





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