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Xavier University Students Visit NBS

A group from Xavier university in Cincinnati visited NBS on Sunday the 19th of May as part of an educational trip to the holy land.

The group consisted of 10 students and two staff members and was led by Dr. Art Shriberg, Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship and Rabbi Abie Ingber, Founding Director of Interfaith Community Engagement.

The group heard a lecture from General Director Botrus Mansour about Arab Christians in Israel as well as about the ministry of Nazareth Baptist School. After the lecture they asked different questions about the Arab Christian plight, inter faith relationships in Israel , Baptist belief and life and mission in NBS.

The students are mostly undergraduate business student and will receive two class credits for participating in the trip to the holy land (one class is a business credit, the other is a religion credit.)

Xavier University is a Catholic Jesuit school known for its high Academic standard and with students from different religions and ethnicities.



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