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76 Students graduate this year

NBS held its 59th graduation ceremony on Friday the 7th of June in Berkovich hall in Nazareth Illit.

More than 700 people attended this special celebration. The gathering started off by a prayer from Bible and English teacher Rev. Randy Green, then General Director Botrus Mansour shared a speech.

He told the graduates that in the years to come they will be asked: What did you do? Then they will be asked:How did you do it? You will also be asked -how are you giving back to your community for family and school? Mr. Mansour emphasized that these questions are related to the values that we in NBS tried to plant in the lives of the students in their 13 years in NBS.

Then a combination of 3rd graders, few 12 graders and 2 teachers sang two Christian songs in Arabic and English ("Lord, I lift your name on high").
Then there were speeches by Mrs. Anisi Abed , a City council member and parent of a 12th grader as well as graduating student and principal Dr. Ousama Moalem.

The program also included songs and sketches and a stand up comedy.

In the end- the 76 new graduates got their certificates and a copy of the Bible.














































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