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According to a leading Israeli newspaper, 3 Christian schools among list of top schools in Israel

Maariv, the second largest nationally distributed Hebrew Israeli newspaper ran a 2-page article by Efrat Zemer on the 13th of October about the best schools in Israel. Under the title “Being a Student – Schools that have Amassed the Best Reputation” Maariv wrote the following in the subtitle:

“Eight Israeli high schools enjoy a high standing in Israeli education. The formula for success is not clear – but with their sparkling lists of graduates, it’s hard to argue.”

The writer starts the article by the following:

The list of schools that is before you was not assembled based upon an estimation of graduate students, even though each one has a high percentage, and is liberally seasoned with exemplary students. This list is also not assembled based upon an estimation of dropouts, even though in most of them the dropout rate is very low to non-existent.

This list is not based upon accurate sciences, although these are the “green house” schools of the educational system; high schools that have kept their reputations for decades, which these days has become rare and especially sought after.

These are the high schools, that if you list them on your resume, it is reasonable to assume that you will get a call back. These schools are not perfect; they also have had cases of violence, or even “immersion” of students or excessive deviations in collecting tuitions, as well as claims of elitism and discrimination; but at the end of the day – or at the end of the school year – their academic and scholastic performances have become a business card for their graduates.

Maariv then continued to mention 7 Jewish Hebrew speaking schools, which included: Riyali (Haifa), Talma Yaleen (Givatayem), Liyada in Jerusalem, Elians in Tel-Aviv, The School for Art and Science in Jerusalem, Emaq Hefer schools, and Pelekh in Jerusalem.

In a separate category, and under the title “Church Education – Nazareth”, Maariv wrote:

It is not a secret that the Arab sector suffers from discrimination regarding budgeting and considerable inequalities in the quality of instruction and in prevention of dropouts and violence. In spite of this, ecclesiastical schools, where thousands of Arab Christian and Muslim students learn, have attained a place of honor in the list of excellence.

We are talking about private schools – a fact that only emphasizes the dilapidated state of the Arab public education.

In the list of outstanding schools who have the highest number of excelling students, 3 Christian schools in Nazareth star: St. Joseph’s Eclerical in Nazareth (33.3% excel), The Nuns of St. Joseph Nazareth (30.56% excel), and the Nazareth Baptist High School (30.91% excel).

These are the leading examples among 30 ecclesiastical schools in Israel. The schools boast of quality teaching staffs who are dedicated in their individual work with each student according to his/her needs.


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