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NBS students win a prize in the Gildor Competition

A group of ninth graders won the third place prize in the annual Gildor competition. This competition is held by the Israeli organization for Excellence in Science.
14 schools from all around Israel made it to the finals.
This is the 4th year in a row in which NBS students receive a prize in this competition.
The students have developed a computerized system that warns train drivers in case of a stuck car on the railway. This system functions by sensors that could warn the driver as well as take actions to prevent collision such as pushing the car of the railway or diverting the train to an alternate rail in case pushing the car failed.
The students worked under the supervision of Dr. Ousama Muallem, Mr. Elias Dai and Mr. Ameen Asfour.

The Students are: Botrus Muallem, George Matar, Maher Dai, Bassel Shehadeh, Asa’d Kardoush, Kathrin Ashkar, Christeen Na’oum, Mais Hawari, Mais Abu Lail, Mai Atalla, Laial Eedi, Kamal Copti and Jeyana Abu Nassar.

NBS gives all the glory to the Lord for granting it such achievements.



A model of the system
A model of the system









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