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3rd Day of Prayer: Distinctive Education

30 Days of Prayer
September 3, 2013
What is Distinctive Education?
Written by: Botrus Mansour, General Director, Nazareth Baptist School


Distinctive Education


Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.
2 Timothy 2:15


Societies invest heavily in the educational systems (schools, universities ... etc.) as they rightly see education as what determines the direction and development of the society. However they sometimes forget that education, any education, includes not only knowledge but also values.

Education influences daily actions; creates an environment for exploration; alters attitudes to life and responses to it. It is the software of the minds of people.

Jesus knew the importance of teaching (education) therefore He was called "the teacher" and He was surely the great educator. As the one who knew all the secrets of the universe, He gave us a glimpse of those secrets in His teaching. He gave valuable knowledge and also values. His teachings showed humans the way their creator intended for them to walk and what He intended for them to become. His teachings also showed us the route of life and how to escape the route that will lead to damnation and hell.

In light of that truth - any education that excludes God is in vain. It can be distinctive only if Jesus is the center. With Jesus in the center, it is natural that glorifying Jesus will come automatically.

At NBS we make every effort to never pay lip service to Jesus by having the Bible taught merely in Bible lessons or chapel. As Lord and Savior, Jesus should be the center of Chemistry, Civics, Physics, Language Studies, Chess, Geography and all subjects. He should be glorified not only in the class room but in the extra curriculum activities, in talks, in serious moments just like in humorous ones. In short - we strive to have Jesus in the middle with every breath.

Distinctive education means being a roll model for students. It goes beyond just teaching them from books. It involves emphasizing the principle that all education points to Jesus as its source and foundation. He is worthy globally, and especially in His hometown.


Please pray that the school will always keep sharing the Word of God with all the students.
Farah, Majd, Lareen, Lana, Anis - 5th Grade

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