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13th Day of Prayer

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September 13, 2013
Holistic Partnership with Parents
Written by: Muna Mitri, Kindergarten Teacher, Nazareth Baptist School


We shall aim to work with parents to guide and develop children mentally, physically, academically and spiritually.


I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.
Psalm 32:8

As I began studying for my degree in education and early childhood, I realized what an enormous responsibility it is to be an educator who prepares the rising generation for a life that is filled with challenges. As an early childhood educator, I believe that to build the rising generation I must also build relationships with the parents.

When I began teaching at NBS the responsibility was a bit overwhelming. I was not only expected to teach the children according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education, but also I was afforded the opportunity to share the Christian message and bring it into the children's hearts. As an educator my duty is to advise the children and teach them how to make right choices in life. As a born again Christian teacher and a follower of Christ the call to impart Christian values and love is foremost. I've learned that by developing relationships with both parents and children, true and faithful love for my work and those I serve emerges.

In order to succeed in a holistic mission, we must find ways to collaborate with the parents in order to bring the children to the place where they understand that what we teach them is a way of living and not just slogans. Godly behavior should not be something that children practice at school and forget when they get home. The more we partner with the parents the safer the children feel, and when a child feels safe he develops mentally, physically and spiritually.

As educators we know that it is impossible to provide the children with full protection. Therefore, it is imperative that we submit the students to the Lord and pray for them, regardless of their heritage. God changes lives. It is our heart's desire for parents and children to see Jesus Christ at NBS.


Please pray that the teachers will remain in good health.
Juona - 6th Grade

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