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Children are Precious in the Eyes of Jesus Christ

30 Days of Prayer
September 17, 2013
Children are Precious in the Eyes of Jesus Christ
Written by: Mimi Brookshire, Children's Minister, Shandon Baptist Church


Children are precious in the eyes of Jesus Christ.


But when Jesus saw it, he was much displeased, and said unto them, suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.
Mark 10:14


When people heard that Jesus was in the area, they brought children to Him to be blessed. It did not appear the children were in need of physical healing; however, they wanted the children to have their hearts blessed. They knew Jesus could reach the heart of the children. When things are spiritually right within a child's heart, things are well with the child. This is an important principle for parents and caregivers. Helping children make Jesus a priority in their life makes their life successful not only spiritually, but also in their earthly lives.

Jesus was greatly displeased with his disciples when the children were sent away. He knew the children were capable to receive instruction from Him. Jesus wanted the disciples to know that children are a valuable part of His kingdom. He knew they could learn from Him and praise Him. We need to apply this to our lives, acknowledging the value of children in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus tells us to be like little children in our faith, for they are inquisitive. He wants us to be inquisitive about spiritual things in our life. Children learn many new things and experience new things each day. Jesus wants us to continually grow and learn in our faith, being truly curious and amazed in His everyday work. Children have to believe what they learn. Jesus wants us to learn spiritually ideals and foundations, believing in them wholly. Children are a true example of how believers should think, for they are blank canvases that are willing to learn and absorb His teachings and love. When we come to Christ knowing we have nothing to bring but much to receive, Christ gives us abundant grace. This is the true conditional love that adults cloud with skepticism and worldliness.

Please pray for the children who were involved in the VBS and Potter's Wheel Summer Camps. Christ was shared. May their faith be pointed to Jesus who loves them dearly.


Thank you Lord for protecting us, the students.
Laian - 3rd Grade

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