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God Expects Students to be a Good Example

30 Days of Prayer
September 18, 2013
God Expects Students to be a Good Example
Written by: Razan Ajaj, 2013 NBS Graduate


God expects students to be a good example.


Let no man despise they youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.
1 Timothy 4:1


As we all know, the Nazareth Baptist School's main goal is to reach out to several kinds of people and evangelize them by sharing the message of our Lord. Faculty, Staff and Administration are responsible for achieving this goal. As students, we are young and not officially responsible for this. We may not have the knowledge or wisdom but reading this verse is hearing God telling us: no matter what your age or knowledge or wisdom - you can do it. My power, knowledge or wisdom is in you and I am the one that works. This is a privilege we gain by surrendering our lives to Jesus so we can use it and see the fruit of it. I'm not saying it's easy but God can do it all.

Students hear about the Lord at NBS but for many it is just a story because they just hear the Word without seeing it as believers do. For an example, if an unbelieving students reads that Jesus loves them or wants them to love each other they may like Him, but if they see believers loving their enemies the unbelieving student is more likely to become anxious to know Him.

God didn't put us in the school for nothing, we are His disciples, and we have a mission which is to let the light of the Lord shine through us. So please pray for us that God would use us for His glory.


Please pray that the students will continue to have heart for helping others and supporting the needy.
Nashed - 1st Grade

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