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We are to perform our Work Orderly (part b)

30 Days of Prayer
September 22, 2013
We are to perform our Work Orderly (part b)
Written by: Dr. Jimmy Jackson, Senior Pastor, Whitesburg Baptist Church, FON Council


We are to perform our work orderly.


Let all things be done decently and in order.
1 Corinthians 14:40b


Let us recall that this instruction by Paul is concerning the proper way to engage in congregational worship. The same guideline can aply to carrying out every other ministry of the church.

The idea of being "orderly" stands in contrast to confusion. Paul's experience with the Corinthian believers was that their style of worship allowed anyone to speak or testify, in a recognizable or unrecognizable tongue, with or without an interpretation, even interrupting each other.

If we look back to I Corinthians 14:33, we have something of a commentary on our text. Paul declared: "For God is not a God of disorder but of peace." Apparently the confusion was causing conflict between the people. Is that not a common problem in our lives? At home, church, work, or anywhere else we interact with people, order and proper communication are indispensable.

Some years ago I served in the same city with a multitalented pastor. His people loved him, but he could not keep a Minister of Music. He had developed the habit of preparing his sermons on Saturday night. As he studied, he would think about a great solo or congregational hymn that would be perfect for his sermon.

The Minister of Music had met and practiced with the choir earlier in the week. He had an order of worship, and the instrumentalists were well prepared. On occasion, the pastor would come in on Sunday morning with a revised order of worship. Result - friction, frustration, and conflict, and he did not even use some other language.

God's work is too important to overlook the fact that whether we view His world through a microscope or a telescope, we know that He does all things in an orderly fashion. Is it any surprise to us that He expects us to apply the same common sense to our work for Him? Let us be humble and yet clear in leading and following for Christ's sake.


Pray for wisdom, unity and clear vision for the administration.

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