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We Encourage Parents and Families to be involved

30 Days of Prayer
September 27, 2013
We Encourage Parents and Families to be involved
and Share in the School
Written by: Samar Samawi, Graduate of NBS and Parent


We encourage parents and families to be involved in the school and to share their gifts in it.


That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute willing to communicate;
1 Timothy 6:18


I remember the day when I entered the big gate of Nazareth Baptist School. I was just a little girl. A few months before that day I turned five years old. It was my dream to become "old" enough to join the school. I heard a lot about NBS from my mom who was a graduate. She later joined the teaching staff. My two older brothers were students in the school.

I still remember my dad holding my hand proudly . He led his youngest to her class. A wide loving smile came upon me as some of the teachers welcomed me. I wondered what class I was going to be in!

Attending NBS was the beginning of an adventure. Three generations of my family have ties and connections to the school. The third generation member is my daughter who began her journey at NBS six years ago. She adores the school and is so proud to be a student at the same school that her mother and grandmother attended.

Today, as I look back through the decades, I reflect on how the school contributed to shaping the personality of generations; and how it influenced their lives, not only scientifically but also spiritually. I feel obligated first as a Christian, secondly, as a graduate and thirdly, as a parent, to contribute to the school that made me the woman I am today. It was through the influence of NBS that I became a follower of Jesus Christ.

As a member of the parents committee I am privileged to help manage and develop school services and initiate educational projects. The Lord has place on our committee people with various talents and abilities. We are honored that we get to share our talents and abilities with others and use them for His glory. We are thankful that the school engages parents and family members in its everyday life. Our parent and family base help support the school spiritually, financially, and academically. We aim to give generously of our time, talents and resources. We share the love of Jesus Christ and trust God with the results.

God is not limited by our lack of resources. I believe that with the body of Christ working together, to support the school ministry, that the school can be strengthen spiritually and academically. I believe that this collaboration empowers those of us who are part of the small Evangelical Arab Christian community.


Please pray for the spiritual well being of the staff.

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