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LBC Dedicates Service for NBS

The Local Baptist Church in Nazareth dedicated the Sunday service on the 6th of October to NBS. NBS staff were invited to attend and a good number did attend.

Leader of the meeting including worship was Brother Tony Yamini who s a NBS board member. He welcomes NBS staff members and said that LBC and NBS have a special relationship and that we have entrusted our most precious thing (our children) in the hands of this excellent staff. Then Botrus Mansour, General Director of NBS, shared that NBS works on preparing students academically, spiritually, psychologically and socially. He presented pictures of NBS life in order to give a taste of it to the congregants.

Then prayers were lifted for NBS by Nermine Haj, Randa Elias and Dr. Hanna Katanacho (all members in present or past of NBS board).

The preacher was Rev. Dr. Hanna Katanacho who shared about Psalm 84.
After the service the congregants participated in refreshments.

Nermine Haj Praying for NBS
Nermine Haj Praying for NBS
Rev. Dr. Hanna Katanacho Preaching the Word
Rev. Dr. Hanna Katanacho Preaching the Word
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