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4th Global Leadership Summit

The 4th annual Global Leadership Summit was held in Nazareth 26-27th Of October 2018 under the sponsorship of NBS and Nazareth Evangelical College and a new partner was added this year:The Nazareth Trust.
120 attendees from key positions in Nazareth attended this special conference that included excellent recorded speeches that were given in the GLS live program in Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago back in August.That included speeches on leadership by Rev. Craig Groeshel, Carla Harris, John Maxwell, Angela Ahrendts, Simon Senec in addition to local live speakers like Dr. Fahid Hakim, Dr. Aziz Daem, Mrs. Bader Nusair and an interview with Anis and Nawal Barhoum.
The program included worship by NBS team, playing on Oud and guitar by NBS student and teacher respectively as well as a stand up comedy by Ola Isaac from Shefamr Baptist Church.




















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