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Swiss reunion in NBS

A group of 28 Swiss (French speaking) Evangelicals visited NBS on Tuesday, the 20th of October. The group was led by Mr.J.J. Meylan, who is a pastor in the Lake of Geneva area (Lausanne), and accompanied, among others, by Gerard Wuthrich, a retired architect who had worked in Nazareth in the early sixties and designed some elements in the Nazareth Hospital's chapel and nurses' house. Gerard's daughter is married in Nazareth and her children are students at NBS. This group's connection with NBS was established through Mr. Gerard's son-in-law who is a Nazarene and served as a translator for the group from French into Arabic and the other way around.

The group's leader, Pastor Meylan, shared in chapel about Miriam, the sister of Moses, and her dedication. Later, the group met members of NBS staff and administration and heard a presentation about NBS from the General Director, Botrus Mansour.

Mrs. Elizabeth Shehadeh, Vice-Principal of NBS, spontaneously shared with the group about Miriam Khalil (Gerard's daughter), calling her "a true Christian, Swiss ambassador in Nazareth" because of the support and help she provides in the school.

It is worth mentioning that Anne Haddad, another Vice-Principal in the school, is also the daughter of a Swiss woman from Vevey (the town from where the "Nestle'' brand originated).

We hope that through this visit our call and future projects might become known in Switzerland, and that we shall have new partners in the center of the old continent. This visit was like coming full circle after 47 years for this lover of Nazareth, and will hopefully be the beginning of a second Swiss-Nazarene circle.



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