Nazareth Baptist School

Vision and Mission




Building the Rising Generations -- Glorifying Jesus Christ through Distinctive Education.




We must get ready for tomorrow today. Our mission is the pathway we follow to ensure that the rising generations receive distinctive education without compromising the historical and biblical foundation of the school. The mission reflects our vision and incorporates our eternal and foundational values.


The Rising Generations. 


We are privileged to operate a Kindergarten through 12th Grade evangelical Christian school in the hometown of Jesus. It is our utmost desire to reflect Jesus Christ in His hometown to the present and future generations by being witnesses of His life and ministry. Our faculty is expected to nurture the active and creative minds of the students. They are challenged to provide innovative learning opportunities and environments that help students reach their full potential by optimizing their academic, social and/or physical abilities.


Giving Glory to Jesus Christ.


Teachers, along with other school staff, are significant influencers in the life of child. They help form a child�s worldview and his or her life view.  It is our responsibility to ensure that there is a holistic development of each child � spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical. Further, it is our obligation to build an environment that gives students the courage to act on their faith in Jesus Christ. This courage includes, but is not limited to, learning to serve others and to volunteer in the school, community and elsewhere.


Distinctive Education.


It is the school�s mission to love the children as well as educate them.  We expect our faculty to set a Christ-like example, to subscribe to the school�s eternal and foundational values and to transfer these values to the children. Students at NBS can expect to learn how to demonstrate compassion and respect diversity. We aim to help our students learn how to navigate healthy relationship and build empowering connections in an area where the community grapples with social injustices. We prepare our students to have a global influence. We promote peer mentoring and students giving care to one another.


A distinctive education is not just the responsibility of the school; it is a partnership with the parents. We aim to come alongside of the parents, who often find themselves struggling to raise their children in a changing world



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